Planned Maintenance

After the completion of most projects, the Maintenance and Facilities Team takes over the management and maintenance of the services and systems left behind by the Construction Team.

The cost of maintaining systems after project completion is very often neglected during the early design process.

At SMARTOMATION we consider the building's life-cycle and life after handover.

This is why we use the open protocol KNX system, guaranteed to be forward and backward compatible, ensuring replacement parts are always available for the life span of the building.

For example, our design approach for lighting control includes extending lamp life and providing labor saving tools for the maintenance team.

Your lamp manufacturer states that their lamps should last 20,000 hours. Do you simply replace them as recommended? Are you throwing away perfectly good lamps because their life has been extended by the lighting control system? How do you even know when they have been running for 20,000 hours?.

SMARTOMATION’s solutions not only extend the average life of your lamps, but can tell you exactly how many hours the lamps have been running for as well as the percentage of lamp failures in any zone.

Comparing this information with the well known ‘bath’ curve of lamp failures, you can make an informed decision on the best time to perform bulk re-lamping.

This approach not only squeezes the most out of your lamps - but allows you to plan the maintenance of your lighting based on real world information.

In addition, our asset monitoring solution can provide you with real time information on other assets, e.g. plant, inverters, life safety supplies, escalators, etc.

The correct processing of this information can greatly assist planned maintenance in large buildings.

Most of our systems are offered with graphical head end packages to allow the maintenance team to control, monitor and view the installation along with flexible time scheduling.

Features such as automated emergency light testing and monitoring can be carried out and logged without the need for expensive labor walking around the building checking luminaries.